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Think out of the box and consider vessel sinks! Why? Well, remodeling a bathroom to incorporate the modern kind of design is a project many homeowners venture to because of the aesthetic appeal that it creates. The bathroom has been established to be one of the most important rooms in a house, and one that adds considerable value. Among the many ideas you may go for, vessel sinks have to be one of them. Many homes have the traditional kind of sinks, those that were built into the vanity. But time has come to prove that there is more beauty in standing sinks that those attached to the counter top. These bathroom vessel sinks work well with this kind of design and are the best in flaunting modernity.

When it comes to picking the vessel sinks out, there list of materials is long. Of course it all depends on the kind of theme that you have picked out for your bathroom. One of the best materials is glass. Glass vessel sinks always hold the aesthetics up high, and work extremely well as sinks too. You need to pick out the exact kind of color, depending on your design, but you are always guaranteed of finding something to work with. Wood also works great, but not too many people are enthusiastic about using wooden vessel sinks. But it’s completely safe to use them as they are not exposed to moisture or water whatsoever. They have a waterproof finish, and the wood will not soak up any water. They become moisture proof.

Some folks go for good old porcelain vessel sinks, which still maintain the appeal despite their popularity. You can exercise your choices here and you don’t necessarily have to stick to white as is the tradition. For a homeowner going for the nature theme in the bathroom, stone vessel sinks or maybe granite vessel sink vanities should work great. These usually come in earth tone colors that bring out a natural aspect. For a luxury bathroom, there are marble vessel sinks. They have an unmatched elegance and are best in defining class among all the aforementioned materials.

Owing to the huge variety, bathroom vessel sinks need not be sunken into the counter top. Modern day bathrooms go for the sinks that are fully raised over. If sunken, it’s only slightly. That way, the beauty of the vessel sinks can be seen and appreciated from a distance. Remodeling or simply redesigning a bathroom can be expensive, but when you invest in minor changes like the vessel sinks, you can achieve a new refreshed look even without needing to do much more. Vessel sinks are easily found online, where the variety is often bigger and isolation of what’s most appealing to you is easier.

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  5. ava says:

    I was gazing at these beautiful copper apron sinks for at least 20 minutes the other day. The look is phenomenal and I might be able to get one to match my cherry wood floor.

  6. sarina says:

    Now that I know about vessel sinks, undermount stainless steel sinks seem so boring, but I’ll still consider getting one for my friend who’s having financial problems. I wish someone would get me a vessel sink, though.

  7. Tessa says:

    I like apron sinks, but I want a vessel bowl sink that’s totally made of thick glass. It comes with a matching faucet and everything is see-through so when the water comes out it kind of looks like a waterfall to me.

  8. Wendy says:

    Vessel sink vanities are so easy to find online. I bought one that was a milky ceramic one and added a white flower vase and lighting. My friends and family can’t believe it.

  9. Jocelyn says:

    The bathroom vessel sink I have is so tasteless. It’s brown with this ugly red color that looks like someone threw up it in. My wife has it installed and I’m looking for something else to replace it quick.