Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

I will be the first to praise how great bathroom vessel sinks look because I was the first to question them when my wife decided to install a vessel sink vanity in our bathroom. Don’t get me wrong, I always thought that bathroom vessel sink vanities look great, but other than their great looks, I never thought that vessel bathroom sinks where actually useful until I actually had to use one.

My wife, who happens to be an interior designer, decided to buy two bathroom vessel sinks and faucets for our two baths. We were planning to buy one of those big glass vessel sinks for our main bathroom, and she wanted one of those cheaper small vessel sinks for the second bathroom in our guest house. I thought that so far so good, until she started showing me some bathroom vessel sink faucets and they all looked weird. She had locked her eyes on one of those faucets for vessel sinks that look like waterfalls and while I thought that they would work, I soon realized that when it comes to such bathroom vessel sinks cheap was not part of the equation.

I guess that since most long lasting and beautiful bathroom vanities are not really cheap, I should expect that a bathroom vessel sink vanity would not be cheap either, but I was hoping that since she is in the industry, she would have something up her sleeve. Well, she did. She has a lot of contacts for bathroom furniture and they were all ready to give her a discount in order to get some business from her now and in the future. She knew exactly where to find discount vessel sinks, but she first wanted to look at all the bathroom vessel sinks that were popular to get an idea about the different styles and qualities.

We ended up getting a glass vessel bathroom sink that was made out of red glass and had some black ribbons engraved around it for our main bath. We went through so many bathroom vessel sinks and vanities before we decided to go with this one, and the choice was really hard. That mixture of red and black made all the other bathroom sinks seem so boring. To top everything off, it comes with a choice of two equally beautiful bathroom vanities! All vessel glass sinks look great, but those that combine more than one color are simply stunning.

For our second bath, we were in between of granite and ceramic bathroom sinks because I thought that they were cheaper, but my wife told me that granite is not cheap. And as for the brand, we were set with Kohler vessel sinks because they are known for their quality.

I guess that’s all I wanted to say. I am now a big fan of vessel bathroom sinks and I would recommend them to anyone. They don’t only look great, but they are also very practical. And when you get to combine those two you almost always get a great result!

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  7. candice says:

    I wish I had taken some advice before I bought my bathroom sinks. Now they seem so boring and bland. Next time I’ll consider a vessel if it’s not too costly.

  8. Pat says:

    I never liked the look of pedestal sinks. I’ve got a modern one made of porcelain, but it’s starting to grow on me, especially since I know that nobody else has got them.

  9. viola says:

    How odd is using a vessel sink bowl? And I wonder if anyone has ever taken one out. If I could get one made out of granite or marble then that would be pretty unique.

  10. wes says:

    Are there cheap vessel sinks around? I guess most of them cost around a couple hundred of dollars. I like the look but the rest of my family thinks they look ridiculous.

  11. bob says:

    Don’t go for cheap sinks, go for a blanco sink. Does anyone else have one or have heard of the company? The company is established and the quality is top-notch, so I was just asking.

  12. paula says:

    What about a mop sink? It makes daily cleaning effective and sanitary just like a real mop. I have one for my restaurant but it can also be used in your home and I highly recommend it.

  13. renee says:

    For personal use in homes, I think a kitchen sink undermount would be better. The one that I have which is made out of stainless steel and is used in my kitchen.

  14. Betty says:

    I’ve always wondered what vessel sinks glass will look like in my bathroom, which is actually a nicely decorated place. It even comes in stained glass from copper to bright blue to burgundy.

  15. miguel says:

    Like Renee said, stainless steel sinks are the best. The dirt and grime comes right off and there’s no rusting or anything. The sinks are best for the kitchen and the bowls will work in the bathroom.

  16. Mitchell says:

    I’m looking at black kitchen sinks right now. Depending on the look of the bathroom or kitchen, these sinks can look very classy, elegant, and sophisticated. Just wouldn’t go in my house, though.

  17. Eartha says:

    An undermount sinks kitchen is easy to select and use. I installed mine with a granite countertop. If you plan to install, know what the project will entail first because it takes a long time.

  18. Phillip says:

    A portable sink can be useful if you need space. The sink provides more counter space and comes with a stainless basin. These sinks you usually see in laboratories and such.

  19. Jake says:

    I want a glass vessel sink that’s unique and artistically crafted. I want a round one with a blue-green optic twist. Just that one sink costs a couple thousands of dollars.

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  23. Bart says:

    I really like the looks of the sink but wondering how kid friendly they are.
    if one was to pull on the bowl, is it going to brake? Is the drain all that holds them in place?

  24. That’s a very good question indeed Bart. If you have children in the house, then you definitely want to look for kid friendly sinks. And yes, some of them can withheld pulling on the bowl, but then again, maybe having a glass sink is not such a good idea when dealing with little ones. So, I would recommend that you avoid glass but other than that, I would say that they are safe.